Retroperitoneal Hematoma Following Cesarean Section: A Case Report
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cesarean section
retroperitoneal hematoma

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Aksoy AN, Kadioglu BG, Aksoy ME, Ejder Tekgunduz S, Yoruk N. Retroperitoneal Hematoma Following Cesarean Section: A Case Report. Adv Res Obstet Gynaecol [Internet]. 2023 Jul. 25 [cited 2024 Jun. 16];1(1). Available from:


Background: In this case report, a retroperitoneal hematoma developed after an uncomplicated cesarean section.

Case report: A 37-year-old patient with a term pregnancy was hospitalized for elective cesarean section with the diagnosis of repeated cesarean section. A live female baby of 3040 grams was delivered. There was no complication during surgery. The patient was transferred to the service postoperatively. Fainting sensation, tachycardia, tachypnea, and hypotension occurred in the first postoperative hour. In the CT scan, a 108x105 mm hematoma was observed in the right lateral retroperitoneal area of the uterus. When the hemoglobin value was 6.9 on the postoperative 1st day, 2 Units of erythrocyte suspension and 2 Units of fresh frozen plasma were given to the patient, The patient's vital signs remained stable for 4 days postoperatively.

Conclusion: The retroperitoneal hematoma is a potentially life-threatening condition. Conservative or surgical treatment should be applied according to clinical findings.
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