Hyperechogenic Colon As a Prenatal Sign of Cystinuria
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Hyperechogenic bowel

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Öcal FD, Biri A. Hyperechogenic Colon As a Prenatal Sign of Cystinuria. Adv Res Obstet Gynaecol [Internet]. 2023 Dec. 28 [cited 2024 May 18];1(2). Available from: https://arogjournal.org/index.php/arog/article/view/20


Cystinuria is a hereditary disease characterized by recurrent urolithiasis in the postpartum period. Early diagnosis is important to prevent kidney failure. During fetal life, a hyperechogenic presentation of the colon in late gestation may be the only indication of cystinuria. Therefore, a hyperechogenic colon in the third trimester should suggest cystinuria among the various diagnoses. We present a case in which cystinuria was suspected prenatally and diagnosed as cystinuria postnatally.

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